Today's computer networks often demand multiple operating systems, cross-platform connectivity, and an array of computer architectures. Hartsafire has special talents in cross-platform support. Many customers come to us because we can make their different systems share data and resources effectively. Our current experience includes the following operating system environments:

  • Windows NT and 2000 Server
  • Windows 95 - XP
  • MacOS 7 - X
  • Linux
  • PDAs

Along with cross-platform solutions, look to us for anything from simple application tips to Custom solutions on or off the Web...

Let us Help you use your Computer to its potential.
Here is a brief sampling of the areas we can help:

  • Cross-platform system integration
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Web Scripting
  • Databases
  • Local Area Networking / Wide Area Networking
  • Hardware specification and evaluation
  • Computer / Web Graphics
  • Print Media (Flyers, menus, etc)
  • Audio / Multimedia

Contact us, we'd love to hear what your needs may be!

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