Broke my foot 7-6-2002


Well, for those who don't know already... I, while helping family with the installation of an 'In Wall' Air Conditioner, fell off a ladder and basically snapped my foot off my leg. Here are a couple Xrays showing the damage


Emergency Room X-Ray (They thought it might just be dislocated... heh).


Post reconstruction and Pre Closing and stapling my leg up. This X-Ray was to make sure everything was right... 3 hours under the knife (and screw driver). I was 'Saddle Blocked' for it... and awake before they finished up.... talk about fun

and with a quick freeze to the area, I had a small slit cut in my ankle and had this screw removed. It was done in the Docs office on 9-11-2002.
As of this screw being removed, I can start trying to walk again. It's going slow... but it feels good to walk 8-)

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