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412 Southampton Blvd
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Objectives:To use my technical abilities on the MacOS, Windows, and Linux platforms to further both my companies and my own financial standing. To continue to learn all new technologies and software needed to keep up-to-date in my skills


Personal Note: I have used computers since 1981. I currently maintain a Multi-platform network within my home.

Availability: I am willing to accept any schedule. My preferred shift is 8am - 4:30pm


Employment History:

James Hart  /  Hartsafire.com

Manchester, NJ

Duties: Various projects in both Desktop and Web publishing on the MacOS and Windows platforms. Setting-up and troubleshooting Mac's and PC's within the Graphics Art, Printing, Entertainment and Law industries. ISP Phone Support. One on One remote Application training.

1990-1996 &

Duties: Various positions within the entertainment field.
I am still active when possible as a hobby. Mainly Electric Bass, see web site link for examples or info

Monmouth Telecom

Red Bank, NJ
Tech Support / NOC

Duties: Current position is with NOC. I am the sole eyes on the entire operation from Midnight till 8am. Tasks include, analyzing all monitoring systems, research issues, conduct after hours testing, coordinate Dispatches to customer locations by Verizon.
Past duties in Tech Support included Phone Tech Support for Dial up Internet, Web Hosting, Email, ISDN, T1, Collocation, Voice Mail, VoIP, Firewalls, etc. analyzing many daily server logs, summarize specific data and construct reports. Pro actively monitor systems and general internet security news & info.

Virtual Network Solutions, Inc

Old Bridge, NJ
Internet/Network Engineer

Duties: Admin Radius, email and billing for Multiple Virtual ISP's using software from Rodopi, Vircom, Symantic, etc on platforms by Microsoft and Red Hat. Troubleshooting dialup/RADIUS issues for over 800 access points nationwide. Auditing of software licenses. Maintaining the network, servers and workstations in the Corporate office. Manning the 'end user' Tech Support phone number during non-business hours (help desk phone line forwarded to my home). Creation of web presence for Consumer Subsidiary at www.v90isp.com. Revamping of Corporate web presence as well as Virtual ISP customer web interface for set-up through troubleticketing. Direct work with large electronics Company for Virtual ISP backend to consumer product. Interaction with staff at remote Data Center as well as remote administration of servers in off-site data centers. Some extra tasks include; retrieving billing info from SQL DB of failing customer's main server, creating marketing material for VISPA (Broadband supply deal with Virginia ISP Alliance) and local YellowBook ad for consumer subsidiary.

Americom Internet Technologies, LLC

Brick, NJ
Network Admin/Lead Tech

Duties: 1100 subscriber ISP, Maintaining of all hardware/software for Dial-up and web hosting customers, including but not limited to Dell and Compaq servers (running NT4, Advanced Server 2000 and Debian), Cisco Routers, and Lucent PostMasters. Web Design, programming and maintenance of company and customer sites, along with assisting customers with FTP, Frontpage, Coldfusion, ASP, CGI, Perl, HTML and connection questions. Building of Advanced Server 2000 Mail Server including Web based email front end. Creation of new user portal site (home.americom.net) and Corporate Website, including Perl based domain registry site (www.usregistry.com) and Intranet Tech support Website. Creation of Print Media and Logos for Marketing and Sales department. Integration of acquired ISP/Web hosting company into current network configuration. Assisted in the migration of servers from NT to Advanced Server 2000, and from Redhat Linux to Debian. Maintenance of DNS machines using Bind on NT. Head of Tech Support department with shifts running 10am to 10pm, 7 days per week.

Frontline Communications

Howell, NJ
Lead Mac Tech/ Level2 PC

Duties: Troubleshooting all aspects of internet connectivity on MacOS 7.5.1 to 9, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Linux. Connection types including dial-up, ISDN, DSL, leased lines, Frame relay, T1 and fractal T1. Trouble shooting domain, web hosting and general internet scripting problems. Handling of customer service and billing issues. Training of employee's in the tech support of the Macintosh internet connections as well as basic Mac use. Creation of the Macintosh content for the intranet tech site and PDF format Mac tech guide. Sent to newly purchased ISP in VA to assist in the assimilation of customer base and training of remaining staff to Frontline's Platypus Database and general procedures.


OldBridge, NJ
System Administrator

Duties: Implementing and maintaining a Macintosh network. Servers running AppleShareIP 6 and 6.1. Clients are running MacOS 7.6.1 or 8.6. TroubleShooting/ repairing/ installation of hardware. Converting file formats so artists can work them. Running Help Desk and Training for all employees. Phone support when problems arise while not in office. Liaison with customers and printers for their file needs. Installation, use and training of misc DTP software including PageMaker 6.5, Acrobat 3, Suitcase 8, Freehand 8, Quark 3 & 4, and PhotoShop 4 & 5. Anything else needed to meet deadlines in the day to day of Free Advertising Newspaper production.

MicroWarehouse / Apple Store

Lakewood, NJ
or store.apple.com
TeleSales/PreSales Tech

Duties: Inbound and outbound sales for Apple Computer, Inc's Apple Store. Handling up to 120 inbound calls per day along with up to 40 outbound. Keeping informed and knowledgeable in all new releases within computers and technology. Use of SGA, Tolas, SAP, WebObjects and RMS databases. Assisting sales force with tech questions. Training sales force in new releases and technologies. Troubleshooting Power Mac's and Apple Laser printers. The set-up new machines and network nodes. Covered shortages in staffing in the Billing and Customer Service departments.

Draftsman/CAD/Mainframe operator

Gas Drying, Inc -Wharton, NJ - 1988-1990 - Draftsman/CAD Operator
Transistor Devices, Inc -Cedar Knolls, NJ - 1988 - Draftsman/CAD Operator
Lexington Design, Inc -Ruthiford, NJ - 1986-1988 - Draftsman/Mainframe Operator

James Hart
412 Southampton Blvd
Toms River, NJ 08757
(732) 779 - 4421