Past Bands (newest on bottom)


Here's a glimpse into the Groove that's been mine.

             I've held it...
       I've been it...
   I've let it suck me into the dark side
of my eyelids where the pretty colors dance...

All MP3s recorded to wav file with EAC and MP3 encoded
with LAME. They are Cassette recordings that have survived
my last 10 years or so. I have done this to save what
little of my past I still have. Most were recorded during
practice sessions and NOT meant for release.


I'll start the saga at the end of the beginning... I'll just say it started with Geezer, Geddy and Chris and was changed when I heard Mike Watt on the first fIREHOSE album.

Enter Sprout
I was drifting when I collided with a drunk and a nerd in 1989. Here is a snippet of our madness. Ibanez 4 string fretted, Roland BN100 for lowend and Crate G60 for the High. Recorded on 3 mics placed strategically about the room attached to a Tascam 4-track... Vocals overdubbed later

Progressive Art Funk ?!? I guess that's what I'd call it

The drummer was Doug... Watt has said he'll always be Boones bass player, I'll always be Doug's Bassist (Dude, if your out there and still alive... look me up). We drifted quickly in that band... personal issues just ripped us apart.


A long while later... I tracked Doug down for a new thing. I had a guitarist, and locked with the drunk... but I've always said my ability doesn't mean Shit because I don't sing...
    I needed a "Front Man"    in steps Tara...

an Angel with a voice and the birth of "Age of Fable"
Ok... I had the Angel, a stoner and the Drunk. It worked sometimes, others not. Carvin LB75 fretted strung EADGB, AMP head, Bag Ends. recorded with a couple SM58's laying about a rehearsal in 11:11's home studio (talk about stoners... but you should hear Bonnie sing) I think this was 92ish

Alternate Rock... but I really hate labels

  • The Storm bouncy... I've always been proud of the chorus
  • Strange Place Hypnotic
  • Progress yes I was listening to too much Claypool...
  • Sanity      yet slower and angrier
  • Pride the riff that wouldn't die... recycled it in 3 different song/bands

The Angel didn't like the stoner... my old lady REALLY didn't like the Angel... the Drunk was well... loosing interest, etc, etc, etc. I was tired so we all moved on.


So, I've got a friend who's boss's, wife's, hairdresser is wanting me to swing by with the green bass...
Well her band was Damzel and they all had chops... but took it easy. I learned a lot about the bass drum and control... man it m&ther f*kin $ucked! Every song was like the one before and I was just the "Ugly Bass Player" they hired to fill the bottom.
We got a lot of local air play, won a KFC music search (at least for our area), did a lot of gigging. This is all I have left of the band... Green carvin, SWR Grand Prix direct into the PA along with the keys, vocals and acoustic. SM57 dangled from the ceiling. This was 1994 and my third or forth jam with the band and one week before my first gig... 32 song that all sounded the same and most had little cuts here and there

If Pat Benetar sang crappy songs for Steely Dan


Turns out it was me the Old lady didn't like... so after drifting in and out of some different grooves, I landed @ the Shore and right into the "Bebop Gypsies"
Rippin' Band that went nowhere. Green Bass, close and far on the BagEnds mixed with the direct out of the AMP, ADAT decks... somewhere in 1995 I'll rip from the master DAT next time I get access to a drive

80's/90's Pop Metal

I got back into the Game in 2000 and spent 2 year getting my hands back. I hooked up with my first "Band" in Sept 2002. "Blue Eyed Devil". Too much real life tension and indecisiveness for it to be fun in the end... Email as of 2/2003 suggests I'm still in the band, I don't know... I'm currently doing some recording and looking for the right gig.

More to come... Oh Joy. Thanks for stopping by. Shot me in an email if you feel the need... or you could always AIM me

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