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       Sunday Aug 29rd 2004

We are finally complete. After ages of searching, Greg contacted us saying he likes hittin' stuff and could tolerate our tunes ;)   After a 2 hour audition @ Vic's Place (click for a real rough take of Kin recorded within the first hour of knowing each other) and a 2 hour jam at the Jam Room in Howell... we are ready to buckle down and polish what we've got and get to creating more....
Stay Tuned, this thing has begun!!!

    Saturday July 31st 2004, 8:30pm

Well, sorry for the lack of updates... we've all been busy trying to get this thing going and making a bit of headway. We had a nice Gig @ Cool Beans on Sat (pictures linked Here). We got 2 video performances recorded, stay tuned for at least the audio to show up here (All y'all that ain't seen us live can finally hear Rusty!).

We've got another show lined up at Cool Beans in September... if you'd like to stay up to date, send a note through the form above and get added to our mailing list.

Check out the BBQ Vic held on July 4th!

       Thursday June 3rd 2004 11pm

45 minute set at the Brighton Bar!!! Come show your support on this weekday gig... if we get a turn out like last time, we'll be playing some weekends there too

       May 2004

ok.. it's been a rough go at the Spring, family and life took hold. Things are back in swing with the addition of a smoking lead player from the local Jam band scene.

Welcome to it all Rusty!

Check out a newer version of Unnamed and one of 3 new tunes Vic recorded @ James' place Last Song & Laydown & Die in your Arms. The versions with bass (and hopefully some stuff with Rusty too) will be coming soon!

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       April. 2004

Played the Open Mic Night @ the Brighton Bar... thanks to all who came out.

       Feb. 2004

Thanks 90.3 WMSC Montclair State Underground Radio for an
interesting time leaping through Sat 2/28 evening!

Check back soon, we'll post bits of our performance
(you're sending a tape right Monica? how about a video copy?)

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2/14 Vic and James hook up @ the Jam Room in Howell, NJ for the first time.

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