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10-27-02     It's been a busy month, My band is making head way. Now that I have a new Ashdown Combo I'm able to be heard. We recorded tonight Check them out please ;)
Good Bye (4.11mb)
and Inside Out (4.45mb)

9-14-02     A couple more pages have been added last night and Amy has completed her updated logo... (top left hand corner of the pages). I've put together a before / after page here.

9-12-02     I'm getting started on this sit again finally. It has been too damn long in waiting. To bring it all in focus; I've been layed up since early July with a broke leg/foot. I'm consulting part time with my exemployer and I'm full swing back into bass playing.

Amy's been busy as well, she has officially joined me in the ranks of musicianship with some Piano lessons. Her writing is still coming along nicely

... and the pets. they are all good, healthy and happy

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